Water Brush Pen Set-3 Round Tips

  • Real brush tip with Nylon bristles.
  • 3 Round tips: Small, Medium, Large.
  • Built-in valve ensures better water flow control.
  • Transparent barrel,allows to see through the water level.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Easy to use for all watercolor techniques.
  • Brush tip’s can be cleaned easily just using water.

Product Introduction

Featuring three round-tip water brush pens, this set excels in versatility, allowing for fine lines and detailed work. The pens’ easy-to-squeeze barrels ensure a steady water flow, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Product Name Water Brush Pen Set-3 Round Tips
Item No WBP-7011-3R
Packaging PVC case or custom packaging.
OEM&ODM Custom logo branding and packaging are welcomed.
Wide selection of container shapes and sizes.
Sample Time Usually 2-3 days for existing/standard samples.
Usually 10-15 days for custom samples.
Mass Production Time Usually 30-45 days for most orders.

Application scenarios

  1. Versatile for detailed work and fine lines in illustrations.
  2. Essential for adding small details and textures in paintings.
  3. Great for controlled application in watercolor portraits.
  4. Useful for calligraphy and hand lettering with watercolors.