Metallic Watercolor Half Pan Set-48 Colors With Travel Tin

  • Wide color selection.
  • Variety of shine selection:Shimmering,pearlescent and luminous metallic effects.
  • Made from finest Synthetic mica and special glass based pigments.
  • Lightfast and fade-resistant.
  • Non-toxic and odor-free.
  • Perfect For Watercoloring,Calligraphy,Crafting.
  • Easy to carry,ideal for indoor,outdoor and travel.
  • Pan sizes can be customized from half pan to full pan.

Product Introduction

This extensive set boasts 48 metallic colors in convenient half pans, stored in a sleek travel tin. The wide color range and high pigment concentration make it perfect for artists seeking variety and portability in their metallic watercolors.

Product Name Metallic Watercolor Half Pan Set
Pan Size Standard half pan or customized
Box Tin box
Color Selection Wide color selection.Up to 60 colors.
OEM&ODM Custom colors,logo branding and packaging are welcomed.
Sample Time Usually 2-3 days for existing/standard samples.
Usually 10-15 days for custom samples.
Mass Production Time Usually 30-45 days for most orders.

Application scenarios

  1. Travel Sketching: Ideal for artists creating shimmering sketches on the go.
  2. Artistic Journaling: Suitable for journaling with a wide range of metallic colors.
  3. Craft Projects: Great for crafters needing metallic watercolors.
  4. Artistic Workshops: Perfect for workshops with a variety of metallic options.