Technical Drawing Pen With 4 Tip Sizes

  • Water-based,black pigment ink.
  • Available with a wide range of tip sizes: 4 different tip sizes.
  • Quick-drying and water-resistant.
  • Archival quality,acid-free and fade-proof.
  • Compatible with alcohol based markers.
  • Can be left uncapped for hours without drying out.
  • Overall size:10.5mm x 141mm.
  • Ideal for artists,designers,engineers,architects,accountants etc.

Product Introduction

Precision meets versatility in this technical drawing pens with 4 tips sizes, the different tip size ranging from 0.1 mm to 3 mm. Designed for architects and engineers, these pens provide consistent ink flow and are ideal for drafting, technical drawings, and blueprints.

Product Name Technical Drawing Pen
Item No TDP-806DXP
Overall Size 141×10.5mm
Color Selection /
OEM&ODM Custom logo branding and packaging are welcomed.
Wide selection of container shapes and sizes.
Sample Time Usually 2-3 days for existing/standard samples.
Usually 10-15 days for custom samples.
Mass Production Time Usually 30-45 days for most orders.

Application scenarios

  1. Precision Drafting: Excellent for precise technical drafting and diagrams.
  2. Architectural Design: Ideal for architectural drawings requiring fine detail.
  3. Engineering Sketches: Suitable for engineering sketches with varied line weights.
  4. Art and Design Education: Perfect for teaching technical drawing in art and design.