Empty Pump Action Marker With 0.5mm Replaceable Tip

  • Pump action.
  • 0.5mm fiber tip
  • Refillable.
  • Replaceable tip.
  • Transparent barrel,allows to see through the ink level.
  • Perfect for Graffiti,Street and Urban art,DIY and Crafts projects.
  • Good drawing and writing performance on most surfaces.

Product Introduction

The ultra-fine 0.5mm replaceable tip of this pump action marker makes it perfect for the most intricate details in illustrations and technical drawings.

Product Name Empty Pump Action Marker With 0.5mm Replaceable Tip
Item No EPM-2100ST-05MM
 Tip 0.5mm fine tip
Color Selection /
OEM&ODM Custom colors,logo branding and packaging are welcomed.
Wide selection of tip sizes and ink-cartridge volume.
Sample Time Usually 2-3 days for existing/standard samples.
Usually 10-15 days for custom samples.
Mass Production Time Usually 30-45 days for most orders.

Application scenarios

  1. Excellent for ultra-fine line work and minute detailing.
  2. Filling with specialty inks for precision in illustration.
  3. Useful for creating extremely detailed architectural drawings.
  4. Ideal for intricate designs in fashion illustration.