Acrylic Paint Marker With Pump Action And 30mm Flat Tip

  • Water Based Acrylic Paints.
  • Vibrant And Bold Colors.
  • Opaque And Good Coverage.
  • Solvent-free,Odor-free,Non-toxic.
  • Permanent Once Dry.
  • Water-proof,Lightfast.
  • Markers Are Refillable.
  • Nibs Are Replaceable.
  • Suitable For Most Surfaces,Indoor Or Outdoor,Heavy Or Light Duty.
  • Ideal For Arts,DIY,Crafts And Graffiti.
  • Oil Based Paints Are Also Available.

Product Introduction

Perfect for medium-scale artwork, this acrylic paint marker comes with a 30mm Flat tip, balancing precision with coverage. Its pump action mechanism guarantees even paint distribution, while the water-resistant, fade-proof acrylic formula enhances durability. Easy to use and control.

Product Name Acrylic Paint Marker
Item No
Overall size: 25*140mm
Color Selection Upto 55 Vibrant colors.
OEM&ODM Custom colors,logo branding and packaging are welcomed.
Wide selection of tip sizes and ink-cartridge volume.
Sample Time Usually 2-3 days for existing/standard samples.
Usually 10-15 days for custom samples.
Mass Production Time Usually 30-45 days for most orders.

Application scenarios

  1. Bold street art on walls for high-visibility, vibrant murals.
  2. Customizing sneakers with detailed, durable designs.
  3. Creating large-scale canvas art with thick, expressive lines.