7 Best Colored Pencils Set


Product introduction

Colored pencils, essential in an artist’s toolkit, offer a wide range of options to suit different artistic needs. Artists typically choose sets ranging from a basic 12-color pack for beginners or simple projects, to expansive collections with over 100 unique shades for more complex work.

Professional artists often prefer these larger sets for their broader palette. Each pencil features consistent color payoff and blendability. The quality of these pencils varies from student-grade to professional-grade, with the latter providing better pigmentation and durability.

Product Usage

This collection of artist colored pencil sets ranges from a lavish 120-color array housed in a wooden box to a practical 12-color pack in cardboard, catering to every artist’s need.From detailed professional work to beginner sketches,

these sets, with their rich pigments and easy handling, promise reliability and color diversity. They are designed for artists who demand quality and choice, whether for studio work, educational purposes, or on-the-go creativity. Each set ensures that every stroke delivers vibrant color and precision, perfect for bringing any artistic vision to life.

Artist Colored Pencil Set

This Artist Colored Pencil Set encompasses 120 vivid shades encased in a luxurious wooden box, tailored for artists who value a rich palette and a touch of sophistication in their tools. Each pencil, crafted with high-quality pigments, ensures brilliant colors and lasting durability. The wooden case not only adds a professional flair but also provides sturdy protection for the pencils, making the set a perfect blend of elegance and practicality.

Artist Colored Pencil Set - 120 Colors With Wood Box

This deluxe 120-color colored pencil set comes in an elegant wood box, offering a vast spectrum of high-quality pigments for professional artists and enthusiasts.

Artist Colored Pencil Set-120 Colors With Cardboard Box

Featuring 120 vibrant colors, this set provides a comprehensive palette in a sturdy cardboard box, perfect for artists seeking variety and portability.

Contrastingly, the Artist Colored Pencil Set with a cardboard box offers convenience for the artist on the go. The set features 120 bright colors, all neatly organized in a lightweight, portable box. It’s an ideal choice for artists who draw their inspiration from outdoor settings. The durable cardboard construction ensures the pencils are ready for travel, allowing artists to capture the vibrancy of life wherever their creative journey takes them.

Professional colored pencil set

The Professional Colored Pencil Set with 72 colors offers a versatile spectrum for artists who seek both variety and portability. The neatly organized pencils in the sturdy cardboard box boast a rainbow of colors for precise blending and shading. Perfect for artists who appreciate a wide range without the bulk, this set strikes a balance between comprehensiveness and convenience.

Artist Colored Pencil Set-72 Colors With Cardboard Box

A 72-color set ideal for artists and students, offering a wide range of hues in a durable cardboard box for easy storage and transport.

Artist Colored Pencil Set-48 Colors With Cardboard Box

A versatile 48-color pencil set housed in a cardboard box, suitable for artists seeking a balance between color variety and practicality for diverse art projects.

In a more compact form, the Professional Colored Pencil Set with 48 colors presents a curated selection of vibrant shades, all housed in a sleek, travel-friendly cardboard box. This set caters to the discerning artist who prioritizes essential colors for on-the-move creation, offering high-quality pigments for stunning visual effects in a more portable and accessible format.

Beginner Colored Pencil Set

The Beginner Colored Pencil Set in 12 colors is the quintessential choice for the very new artist. This set, neatly packed in a cardboard box, offers the essential palette for those taking their initial steps into coloring. It’s perfectly suited for learning basic techniques and simple color blending, providing the foundational tools to any novice’s art supply.

Artist Colored Pencil Set - 24 colors with cardboard box

This set features 24 vibrant colors, perfect for blending and layering. Housed in a sturdy cardboard box, each pencil offering both quality and convenience. 

Artist Colored Pencil Set-36 Colors With Cardboard Box

Compact and travel-friendly, this set includes 36 richly colors. Each pencil ensures smooth application and is encased in a durable cardboard box, suitable for artists on the go.

Artist Colored Pencil Set-12 Colors With Cardboard Box

Perfect for beginners, this set offers 12 essential colors pencils. The lightweight cardboard box is easy to carry, making it a great choice for students and hobbyists.

Moving up, the Beginner Colored Pencil Sets with 24 and 36 colors allow for a broader exploration of hues and artistic expression. The 24-color set caters to those ready to expand their palette, while the 36-color set gives an even greater variety for beginners eager to experiment with a wider range of shades. Both are conveniently packaged in cardboard boxes, making them easy to carry and ideal for learning color theory and more complex blending methods. These sets serve as stepping stones in a budding artist’s journey, enabling a smooth transition to more intricate artwork.